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Real-time PCR Using SYBR® Green

SYBR® Green is the simplest and most economical choice for detection of real-time PCR products. SYBR® Green-based detection can be as specific and sensitive as probe-based detection. In addition, there is no need to design and purchase expensive probes. When you are optimizing a new experiment and you need to test many primer pairs, it is usually best to start with SYBR® Green. SYBR® Green enables you to find the most specific primers and allows melting curve analysis, which can reveal undesirable primer-dimers or other nonspecific PCR products. The use of Gene Scientific’s SYBR® Green qPCR Master Mixes together with our AccuAmp qPCR Primer Assays produces guaranteed performance of high specificity and amplification efficiency.

Choose SYBR® Green qPCR Master Mixes based on your PCR cycling conditions,

Standard Cycling

Fast Cycling