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Real-Time PCR and RT-PCR Service

serviceReal-time PCR (qPCR) is an extremely sensitive and reproducible method to measure levels of gene expression in an organism. It has quickly grown in popularity, and has become a revolutionary technology having supplanted the traditional approaches. It is widely accepted as a “Gold Standard” for DNA, and RNA quantification.

Gene Scientific, a leading expert in real-time PCR technology, now offers a rapid and reliable quantitative PCR analysis of gene expression and gene copy determination, which is available for all known gene regardless of species.  The full service option includes SYBR Green or TaqMan based detection, RNA/DNA extraction, Reverse Transcription, primer/probe design, Absolute Quantification, MicroRNA expression, and complete data analysis.

Service Description

Data Delivery

Data analysis is performed using our real-time RT-PCR data analysis software, and data can be delivered via email. Each customer receives complete study report including detailed experimental procedures, primer/probe sequences, raw Ct values, and data analysis file with gene expression fold-change information. We will support you before and after services while delivering expert technical consulation.

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RNA Isolation, and Assessment


1 Sample

Reverse Transcription (cDNA Synthesis)


1 Sample

qPCR Assay Design, and Validation


1 Gene

Real time PCR (Triplicate)


Per Sample per gene

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