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Genome Wide Search for AccuAmp qPCR Primer Assays

AccuAmp qPCR Primer Assays are experimentally validated primer sets for use in SYBR Green-based quantitative real-time PCR, and are available for any gene from human, mouse, and rat. Every AccuAmp qPCR Primer Assay is subject to rigorous experimental validation to guarantee single amplicon of the correct size with high PCR efficiency. To search for AccuAmp qPCR Primer Assays,

  1. Type in Gene Symbol Keyword (e.g., ACTB), RefSeq ID (e.g., NM_130786), or Catalog No.(e.g., AH11608) in search box below.
  2. Choose your species of interest.
  3. Click search button.
  4. Search tips.

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