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Gene Synthesis Service


Gene Scientific is a premier provider of gene synthesis service for researchers at universities, biotech and pharma companies. Our PhD manager will help you design your projects, ensuring that you receive professional service and on-time delivery of products with 100% sequence accuracy. Gene Scientific can synthesize codon-optimized cDNA, gene variants, artificially designed DNA, or any other sequence for your research. Highly repetitive, AT rich, GC rich, or hairpin sequences will not deter us. Simply provide a nucleotide or amino acid sequence, and we will ship your desired gene cloned into your choice of plasmid.

Features & Benefits:

Delivables and Turnaround Time:

Synthetic Gene Length


Average Turnaround Time

< 1.5 kb

from $0.23/bp

6-12 business days

1.5 - 3 kb

from $0.25/bp

10-17 business days

3 - 4 kb

from $0.28/bp

12-19 business days

4-8 kb

from $0.39/bp

16-24 business days

> 8 kb

Please inquire

Please inquire

* All prices are based on non-complex gene sequences. Sequences with repeats, high or low GC contents, please inquire.
* Minimum charge $146/gene.

Gene Scientific is committed to offer high quality service for scientific research in biotech industry and academia. We keep customer's project under strict confidentiality.

For a quick quotation, send us your project requirements and sequence to: